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This training portal is designed to support you and your downline team to learn and grow in Personal Effectiveness, Team Competence and onward to Global Leadership, to become Soaring Eagles.

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Learn . Do . Teach . Duplicate​

Our Success Model is based on the apprentice system of Learn-Do-Teach-Duplicate.

Work this avita business WITH your Upline, don’t do it alone. Likewise, repeat the same to support your Downlines.

When this copycat system is duplicated down the line, you’ll enjoy a powerful self-sustaining network business enterprise. But first, you must start it right yourself.

The Scent’al Group


A better life, a better world through co-creation and empowerment.


To transform every distributor into an avita Coaching Entrepreneur through the Learn-Do-Teach-Duplicate system.


  • Joyful Heart
  • Learning Mind
  • Harmonious Teamwork
  • Helping Others with Integrity
Leaders of Scent'al Group

avita Experiential MBA Training Roadmap

First LEARN. Then DO by putting what you learnt into action. As you get better, you’ll see results, only then you TEACH to help others get results. Finally, DUPLICATE this training system within your network to co-create a self-sustaining and automatic ever growing enterprise.

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What Fellow Distributors are Saying

Our associates come from all walks of life from across the world.

The avita education system helped me understand the importance of teamwork. To look deeper into myself and bring out the best in me, to help and understand others better. The hands-on trainings are extremely helpful, gave me confidence to go out to help others.
Christina Tan
Traditional business owner turned MLMer
I feel young again going back to school. The avita education system is 24/7 conveniently accessible. It equipped me with a holistic mindset-knowledge-skill that is relevant in today society. It reinforced my belief in MLM to offer the avita opportunity to more people and support them to achieve their dreams.
Khoo Guek Cheng
Interior design boss turned MLMer
The avita education system is the practical MBA of network marketing to turn an ordinary person into a professional network marketeer. The practical content and training videos were systematically curated to progressively grow the skills and knowledge of the avita distributors enabling them to learn how to do the business professionally and grow their network to build leverage. The best thing about the practical education system is you can put what you learn into immediate use and earn as you learn.
Ho Ee Kid
Senior engineering executive turned MLMer
I am amazed by the avita education system. I love the professionalism and power of our leaders, especially during the last Soaring Eagles Program that I attended in August 2022. I found the Love, Care, Selflessness from CEO to all leaders to all avita staff to all partners. As a new distributor, I am empowered with strength, know how and motivation.
Tan Chong Eng
Civil engineer turned MLMer
Before avita, I knew nothing of network marketing. Through the avita education system and mentoring, I was able to build my own team and equip them with the concept of learn-do-teach, a copycat system to grow and be successful in their own business.
Betsy Belmonte
Retired USAF senior sergeant major turned MLMer
I love the concept of Learn-Do-Teach-Duplicate. With strong mentorship and resourceful training materials provided, I’m able to grow and expand my avita network marketing business despite I had no prior business background. I’m today a confident pro networker to help others with their health and wealth building.
Jenny Tan
Former bank executive turned MLMer
For me, the avita training system is like a bible of problem-solving center. It is free and easy. The content is comprehensive – from the product knowledge, new start-up guidance till the mindset of leadership. Overall it is useful to help us succeed speedily as entrepreneurs.
Phee Yin Yin
Former graphic designer turned MLMer
First, the avita education system has given me the big picture on what I needed to do to be successful and then allowed me to learn and apply the step by step process of every stage from Meet and Greet to Closing and Servicing. That continues to give me the confidence to lead and train my team. And with the weekly Empower Night – to be able to meet with distributors from all over the world energises me – that I have an avita family that is walking with me towards my dreams.
Badette Quiblat
Mompreneur MLMer

Success is not to be pursued. It’s to be attracted by the person you become.

Sharpen yourself to become a better version today than yesterday.
Grow your team to become more competent today than yesterday.
Co-create a better world today than yesterday.